About the Author

Michael Meyers

Michael Meyers is the industry's leading authority on CompTIA Network+ certification. He is the president and founder of Total Seminars, LLC, a major provider of PC and network repair seminars for thousands of organizations throughout the world, and a member of CompTIA.
Mike has written numerous popular textbooks, including the best-selling Mike Meyers' CompTIA A+® Guide to Managing & Troubleshooting PCs, Mike Meyers' CompTIA A+® Guide to Essentials, and Mike Meyers' CompTIA A+® Guide to Operating Systems.

Faithe Wempen

Faithe Wempen, M.A., CompTIA A+, has been teaching PC hardware and software architecture at Purdue University for more than a decade. She has written over 140 retail, trade, and academic books on computer applications and technologies, and her online courses for corporate clients such as CNET, Sony, and HP have educated more than a quarter of a million students.